With over 20 years of experience, our team of hearing specialists at Gulf Coast Hearing Center has found the following products to be among the most quality assistive hearing devices available. Featuring the latest in digital technology, flexibility, comfort, and affordability, our specialists will help you identify which product is right for your lifestyle and needs.

Oticon Opn™ improves your ability to understand speech even in challenging environments by 30%, compared to the previous generation of hearing instruments. That means less listening effort for you. You don’t have to work as hard to understand, leaving more mental energy to remember what you hear.

Helps your hearing aids work together to identify where sounds are coming from. All to enable your brain to make sense of sound with less effort. So you enjoy a fuller, more natural soundscape.
The popular small behind-the-ear style features a smart, single-push button for easy and intuitive operation of volume and programs. Powered by a tiny 312 battery and available in an array of color options.

Alta 2


Alta2 includes all of Oticon’s BrainHearing technologies. These are designed to support your brain and help it make sense of sound with less effort. This makes understanding easier, allowing you to engage fully in conversations and enjoy more of life’s situations.

Alta 2 revolutionary fitting process reaches beyond the audiogram and allows practitioners to factor more personal dimensions into each fitting for a hearing solution that is as unique and individual as their patients.

Design Rite

Design Rite

Oticon Design Rite is a tiny, sleek, high-performance hearing device from Oticon. With Design Rite you can spend less time and effort trying to understand and more time enjoying life.

Nera 2


Nera2 features three of Oticon’s BrainHearing technologies that give you an even better listening experience. By providing your brain with sounds that it can make sense of, you can better understand speech and participate in what is happening around you.

Powered by an ensemble of unique technologies never before available in this category, Oticon Nera 2 is our best mid-level hearing solution family yet. By blending seamlessly with the natural way our brain and ears work together, Nera 2 gives you a clear sense of where the sounds around you are coming from. 

Ria 2


Ria2 has two BrainHearing features that give you a good listening experience. By delivering your brain with sounds that it can make sense of, you can understand speech and what is happening around you.

With Free Focus, you can zoom in on what’s important, even though there may be competing noises around you. With YouMatic in Ria2, sound can be tailored to your personal listening preferences giving you a satisfying and natural listening experience.

Oticon’s advanced Inium Sense feedback shield protects you from unwanted whistling, while still giving you a clear and natural sound.

With a full range of styles to choose from – including new ITC Power and mini-RITE designs – you can select precisely the shape and style that suits your clients’ needs, so they can feel comfortable and confident all day long.


Small and discreet, Dynamo and Sensei SP deliver the extreme power of 143 dB SPL MPO, 82 dB Full-On Gain and low frequency output. Dynamo uses innovative BrainHearing technology to meet the unique hearing challenges of people with severe-to-profound hearing loss and take power users’ listening experience to the next level.

A unique approach to sound processing combines the strengths of Oticon’s innovative frequency composition, Speech Rescue™, and advanced compression system, Speech Guard E. Working together, they provide Dynamo and Sensei SP users with access to inaudible high frequency sounds and more speech details than ever before.