Your hearing is as unique as your fingerprint

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FingerprintDid you know, just as your fingerprint is one of a kind, the same goes for your hearing? Its true! 

Many factors determine the way you hear… it is shaped through your lifestyle, life experiences, and your mental and physical makeup. Musicians with ears trained to hear the different tones of sound and rhythms; a football player listening for instruction over the roar of the crowd, or a naturalist identifying bird calls in the field – all have different hearing preferences, even if their hearing “looks” identical when measured by a medical audiogram.

This uniqueness becomes especially important to people experiencing hearing loss. While they all need amplification, they need it applied in different ways, based on the way they live and hear.

This is one of the reasons that mail order hearing aids are so unsatisfying. Their “one sound fits all” design truly fits no one. It is much more satisfying to choose a custom product that is capable of taking your lifestyle and hearing loss into account and bringing out what you want to hear while masking the sounds you don’t.

Working with one of our trained hearing specialists, we will help you choose the perfect hearing aid for your hearing needs, budget, lifestyle and specific expectations. And in result you will experience a whole new level of hearing performance and life that you never realized you were missing out on. So you can hear more… anytime, anywhere.

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