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The Link Between Heart and Hearing Health

Did you know that heart health can influence hearing health as well?

“The newest findings give us even more incentive to take steps to improve our heart and hearing health during February, National Heart Month,” says Jim Dame of Gulf Coast Hearing Centers. He reports that a study published in the American Journal of Audiology found that the negative influence of impaired cardiovascular health on both the peripheral and central auditory system has the potential to affect an individual’s capacity to hear. “The same study found that a healthy cardiovascular system – a person’s heart, arteries and veins – can have a positive effect on hearing,” he notes. 

The link between heart health and hearing health is further reinforced by a study in The Laryngoscope that concluded patients with certain types of low-frequency hearing loss should be regarded as at risk for cardiovascular events.

“A hearing check should be part of regular physical exams,” says Mr. Dame. If you already suspect that hearing loss may be affecting your day-to-day activities, he recommends a more thorough hearing evaluation. In a single office visit, he can typically evaluate hearing health and if there is a need, work with you to select and trial a hearing solution.

Jim Dame, Tim Smith and Leslie Dame are among the hearing health professionals nationwide participating in “At the Heart of It. . .We Put People First”, a national campaign sponsored by Oticon, Inc.  During February and March, a portion of the proceeds from every Alta hearing device fitted by Gulf Coast Hearing will be donated to the American Heart Association to support life-saving research.  

“With Alta, you hear more because your personal hearing preferences are actually used by the powerful sound processing chip that is at the heart of every Alta hearing device,” explains Jim Dame. “Alta allows you to differentiate sounds better and hear more, even as you move from one difficult hearing environment to another.  And because Alta works smarter, you don’t have to work harder at hearing.”

Mr. Dame notes that with the addition of the integrated Oticon ConnectLine system, Alta users can also connect easily and wirelessly to landline and cell phones, office phones, TVs, and other popular communication devices.

For more information of hearing health and Oticon Alta, contact any of our hearing specialists at 850-784-4327 (Panama City), 850-244-0422 (Fort Walton Beach), or 850-279-4545 (Niceville) or online at

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