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 Oticon Opn™ Helps People with Hearing Loss Hear Better, with Less Effort and Better Recall  First-ever Hearing Aid to Connect to the Internet  Is Now Available!!May 31, 2016 – Gulf Coast Hearing Centers Inc. recently joined more than 1,300 leading hearing care professionals at a professional conference in Orlando that introduced Oticon Opn™, a revolutionary new hearing aid with BrainHearing™ Continue Reading →

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Hearing Loss Mythbusters

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There are many myths about hearing loss people believe, whether genuinely or just as an excuse to avoid the doctor. To help you become a little more comfortable with the potential outcomes of your Gulf Coast Hearing visit, we’ve compiled a list of common myths to debunk for you. 1.  If I had a serious hearing problem, I would know Would Continue Reading →

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Your hearing is as unique as your fingerprint

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Did you know, just as your fingerprint is one of a kind, the same goes for your hearing? Its true!  Many factors determine the way you hear… it is shaped through your lifestyle, life experiences, and your mental and physical makeup. Musicians with ears trained to hear the different tones of sound and rhythms; a football player listening for instruction Continue Reading →

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