Al Costlow
My wife Maureen complained for months possibly years about my lack of hearing.  She accused me of not wanting to listen for the longest time then starting demanding I get hearing aids.  I noticed difficulty hearing when in a group especially with background noise.

So when Dr. Tim Smith invited me to be tested I decided to give it a try.  He efficiently took me through the process of testing with a review of the result.  He then offered me a trial set of hearing aids digitally fine-tuned for my hearing needs.

What a hearing miracle.  I began hearing sounds I had not noticed for years.  The back of our house opens to a small canal; with the sliding doors open I could hear crickets and frogs that I had never heard from the day we moved into the house.  I can now hear my own footsteps on the wood floors.  I would turn the water on to fill the pool and forget to turn it off because I could not hear the water running.  And here is the good and bad news but most important result; I can hear everything my wife says.

The hearing aids are comfortable and very seldom noticed.  They are easy to maintain and so simple to use.  I am delighted with the hearing aids. 

Without Tim Smith’s easygoing manner but wealth of credible guidance and impressive technology, I would not have purchased hearing aids.

Thank you Tim.

John W Darrah
Thanks to my army infantry service (with lots of loud noises) I have had a fairly severe loss in my left ear for decades. The audiologists back then said there wasn’t anything they could do for me – the speaker would have to be so loud it would simply blow the sounds through to my other ear. (I think they really meant there wasn’t a lot in between to muffle the sound  😉 

Gulf Coast on the other hand said they sold hearing aids so let’s see if they could make it better. They could and made it much better way back in the early 90s. Since then as I “matured” my hearing in the other ear degraded as well and they have provided me with better and better options though out the years.

Jim listens to my description, and then looks to see what model will best solve my problems, and gives me the best that is available to deal with my issues.

Now I use my hearing aids to listen to the TV at my volume, listen to my “tunes” when I wish (it is a great way to drown out the obnoxious couple in the waiting room), and receive and make all my phone calls through them. Friends are sometimes surprised during a conversation when I hold up one finger, then mime talking on the phone as I tap the controller under my shirt, and apparently just start talking to thin air to answer the phone call – all without ever touching my phone. While I heard the phone ringing in the middle of my head in stereo – they haven’t heard a thing – so even in the middle of a party I know when I have a call coming in. To make a call I tap the controller and say “Call my wife at home” with my phone still in my pocket. And even when a message comes again I all I do is just tap my chest and say “Read the message to me”.

A couple years ago Jim had just finished setting my current aids for my hearing problems, had resturant type sounds playing on speakers, when my soft spoken wife was seated on my left asked a question. That was the first time I had heard her on my left side in years so I interrupted, and told Jim right then SOLD! I would take them and did not need a trial period! Then later I was also thrilled to find out that all my friends had finally stopped mumbling all the time. They had started to speak clearly, I could understand them, and actually participate in the conversations. (Of course it was not them it was my hearing problem but it seems as if they all had mumble’itus). While the technology in the 90s was OK the technical advances in recent years are simply amazing.

I have recommended Gulf Coast Hearing to all my mature friends with similar issues. I have told Jim he is welcome to tell anyone interested what my hearing problems were and what they did to help solve them – and he is free to tell you the same.

It is really great to have had “the cotton” removed from my ears. I hope they can do the same for you.